Our Approach

We put our immense industry experience and know-how to work at the forefront of our industry to create value for our clients. We combine our experiences with leading market research and analytics to forge long lasting relationships and create meaningful value.

Knight Ascent : Key Features


Risk Management Framework

Knight Ascent helps you build risk management framework that strives to cover the full spectrum of risks by analyzing them from both enterprise and industry level perspectives.

Our experts will help you tailor your own risk management policies and processes to your needs and market circumstances by consulting Board of Directors and senior management along with the treasury team.

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Liquidity Management

Holding highly liquid instruments is not the solution to Liquidity Management, as it hampers the profitability as these instruments have lower yields. But liquidity management is not so straightforward, it brings many challenges that treasury and finance teams must constantly be aware of.

With our deep expertise in models across the world and considering international standards, we help you with cornerstone of your treasury, which is Liquidity Management.

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Forex & Commodity Hedging

Increasing exchange rate volatility will affect the balance sheet of entities which export or import. Same is the case with corporate & SMEs who require commodities which include agricultural products, fuels, and metals to manufacture the finished goods.

Hedging is a strategy to protect one's position from an adverse movement in a currency and commodity markets. Our expert team helps you identify your exposure to forex or commodity risk and help you mitigate the same.

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Cash Flow Management

We help you consolidate all your bank balances (Multi-currency), Inventory Holding, Revenues & Expenditures, Loan & Advances and investments.

With all the data we project the future working capital, which can give you hawk-eye view and assist you to take informed decisions.

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