Early Warning System Workflow

Knight Quest : Key Features


Alternative Rating

Arrive at Alternative Rating of any company irrespective of its size, scale and industry with a rating model regressed against 40000+ rated companies


Financial Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Financial Risk assessment using state of art models with Bankruptcy risk, profitability risk, repayment risk etc.


Business, Management, Operations

Industry best practices to measure Business Risk, Management Risk, Operations Risk. Quantifying all and converting it to a meaning quantitative score to be used in credit rating


Early Warning Signals (EWS)

Comprehensive Early Warning Signal system using all of 45 RBI prescribed indicators and many additional proprietary indicators


Unstructured Data

Leveraging power of Machine Learning and NLP to extract information from News, Legal and other data points to include in rating model.


Search Court Cases

From District level court to Supreme court, all cases like income tax, customer grievance, criminal or NCLT etc.


Summarized Information

List of all court cases, type of court, case date, short description, summary of the court order as well as easily searchable records.


View /Download Original Order

Links to the original court order, to go through in details whenever required


Color coding and quantification

NLP based categorization of legal cases. Extracting important information from court orders & assessing contingent liabilities.

Key Components of Credit Rating

Company Highlights
Summary Financials
BL, PL, Cash Flow, Ratios
CARO, Auditors Report
Open Charges
Deep Dive : Revenue & Margin Drivers
Red Flags + E.W.S.
Group Structure, Related Parties
AI based MCA wide Potential Related Parties
EPFO Data Analysis
Unstructured Data / News
Directors /Signatories + Changes
Bureau Report + Unique Insights
Scoring Based on Customizable parameters
Past Credit Ratings and Movements
Past Roll over of Debt and Spread Analysis

Use Collective Intelligence

Track Interest Payment and Exposures

Track upcoming interest payments of various companies.

Track News

Track news around target companies for any good/bad clues.

AI/Machine Learning

Real time sentiment score on the target company based on deep text mining algorithms.

Track Fund Managers

Track credit fund managers asset allocation and changes within 15 days automatically for clues on risk on/off your target companies.