NEWS : Highlight of the Indian Market today

Yesterday MPC decision was widely on expected lines still market closed weak both gsec and equity. Nifty opened 18556.45, 4.05 point down - Sensex 62382.21 28.47 point down at 09:20 IST - 10yrbm opened @ 100.07 vs wednesday 99.92 09:01 IST- Rupee vs Doller 82.28/1$ vs 82.47/1$. 09:00IST - today two state election result will be out in Gujarat BJP: 149, AAP: 8, Cong: 20 leading out of 182 seats. congress is giving tough fight Cong : 34 BJP 30 leading out of 68 seats - Crude oil slips to 75.72/bb

worldwide central banks policy will guide the price path for gold in 2023

Surging inflation and aggressive monetary policy tightening from major global central banks to control rising prices have so far determined the direction for gold prices this year. "This interplay between inflation and central-bank intervention will be key in determining the outlook for 2023 and gold’s performance," WGC said in its Gold Outlook 2023 report. the consensus is that in 2023 economic growth will be weaker with a possibility of localised recessions, which is likely to support to gold

Surplus Liquidity keeping call rate below repo rate

The inter-bank call money rate today closed below the Reserve Bank of India's repo rate of 6.25% as demand for funds from banks was low, dealers said. The call rate for one-day loans ended at 5.80%, as against 5.75% on Wednesday.The call money rate remained below the repo rate throughout the day due to rise in liquidity surplus in the banking system, dealers said. Liquidity in the banking system is currently estimated to be in a surplus of over 1.61 trln rupees as against 854.81 bln on wed

Dollar stick to high and global economic outlook looks weak

the Dollar Index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of six other currencies, rose 0.1% to 105.097, after falling 0.4% overnight, its first decline since Friday. "After a positioning-led rally in risk assets over the last six weeks, financial markets seem to be settling back into a macro-led environment where the 2023 global slowdown is front and centre," analysts at ING said, in a note. EUR/USD rose 0.2% to 1.0526, with the European Central Bank also widely expected to continue hiking